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About Us

         Haynie Family Photo Pacifier Soothie Teether

Hi! We're the Haynie family (Luke, Brittany, Jetter and Tagger), creators of Nuni Child and Home products, and WE LOVE TO SMILE. 

Our two boys love spreading their cheer in the world, and we are fortunate to have kids that choose smiling and happiness. With these boys as inspiration, Luke created the Nuni Binki and Teether to improve their favorite products.

With Jetter and Tagger on our mind, we began our mission to create more smiles and bring more joy to your little loved ones. In fact, Jetter, our oldest, is our Chief Naming Officer. He named his little brother Tagger, because "he will grow up and play tag with me." And, one of his first words was Nuni (a shortened kiddy version of pantalones), so we knew it was the word for our products! 

We want the Nuni family of happiness enhancers to help you enjoy and cherish these early times with your little ones, because these times won't last forever! Finally a word to your Little One...chew, soothe, drop, toss, hug, love and give these Nuni's a funny name that only your beautiful brain can create.